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Eliminate grease deposited in the dishwasher sewer pipe

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One of the sewer pipes that is very likely to be clogged is the dishwasher sewer pipe. Continuous use of the sink and the entry of debris with oil and grease into it causes a sedimentary layer of these materials to form inside the pipe. There are ways to remove these fats from the sewer pipe that we are going to explain to you.

As mentioned, the dishwasher pipe is prone to clogging due to its high use and the entry of various materials such as oil, fat, food residues, rice, garbage, fruit peel, tea pulp, bread crumbs, etc. And the oil inside the pipe also causes more and increases the possibility of clogging. The constant entry of oil into the pipe causes a layer of this material to form inside the pipe after a while and reduces the diameter of the pipe. In this case, the space for the passage of water and sewage will be less and the possibility of clogging will increase.

Oil and fat, the main cause of clogged sink drain pipe

Oil and fat enter the pipe and make the space inside the pipe sticky, and due to the fact that the oil is not washed with water, so it remains in the wall of the pipe and with the entry of other debris into the pipe and the presence of adhesion in it. It causes those materials to stick to the pipe. In the same way, the material sticks to the inside of the pipe, and after a while, a deposit of debris entering the pipe will be seen in its wall. The formed sediment deprives water of easy passage and clogs the pipe.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to prevent it before it occurs. As you know, prevention is always better than cure in all problems. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent oil, grease and debris from entering the pipe before it becomes clogged in the pipe and make sure that none of the mentioned materials enter the sewer pipe and sink. In addition to using a strainer for the sink, it is necessary to avoid pouring oil into the sink. To do this, you can read the tips to prevent clogged sewer pipes.

If the oil volume is large, do not pour it into the sink pipe in any way. Also, use dishwashing liquid and detergent to wash greasy dishes to avoid clogging the pipe. Otherwise, you will probably clog the sink and you will need to open the pipe.

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