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Drop the phone in the toilet bowl and how to take it out(part 2)

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Phone drops in toilet

Last week, we tried to explain the problem of the phone falling into the toilet to you dear ones, and we wanted to explain the steps in order.

Use gloves

You need to put your hand in the well to take out the phone that fell in the bathroom. Therefore, you should use gloves to do this so that your hands do not get dirty. Nylon plastic can also be used instead of gloves.

Dip your hand into the well and find the phone

After using the gloves, the work starts and you have to put your hand in the well and look for any difficult object such as a phone. If the phone is inside the tube from above, you can easily remove it. But if it is not found, you need to look for it. However, the space of the sewer pipe is not so difficult to find!

It should be noted that instead of using your hands, you can also use drain clamps. Sewage clamp is a pliers with long handles that can be used to pick up objects from a distance of one meter. A drain plug is a good option for removing the phone from the sewer pipe.

Take out the phone and turn it off

Once you find the phone in the drain, take it out. The first thing you need to do is turn off the phone. Because the phone burns in contact with water. So you need to open the lid immediately and remove the battery.

Remove the SIM card and battery and wash the phone

After removing the battery, you should also remove the SIM card (if the battery is removable) and then wash the phone. Also wash the battery and SIM card if they become contaminated. If the battery is disconnected from the phone, contact with water will not be a problem for them. SIM cards are resistant to moisture and water and do not cause any problems for them.

Dry the phone using a tissue

The phone should be dried after washing. Dry the phone with a soft cloth or towel. Under no circumstances should a drop of water remain inside the phone as this moisture can damage the phone. Dry the phone as soon as possible so that no water remains inside. Also avoid shaking too much as this will only spread water to more parts of the phone.

Do not use a hair dryer to dry under any circumstances. People recommend using a hair dryer when your phone gets wet. But do not do this because the hair dryer will cause more moisture to penetrate into the phone and moisten its parts.

Place the phone and its components in the open and in the sun

After that, it is better to place the phone in an open environment and in the sun so that the moisture in the phone dries naturally. This will not damage your phone.

Turn on the phone after 4 to 4 hours

After a few hours of finishing work and drying the moisture, it is time to turn on the phone. Insert the battery into the phone and turn it on. If you notice that the phone does not turn on, we must say that everything is useless and your phone is damaged in the beginning. So it is better to show it to a phone specialist.

If you are not able to take your phone out of the toilet using these methods, just contact us so that our specialists can be present in the shortest time and take your phone out of the well.

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