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A few tips about plumbing

Clogged Pipes

In this article, we are going to tell you some very useful tips about plumbing in Toronto that you have not paid attention to before. Please do not close the page until the continuation of the article and continue reading.

Prevent clogged pipes

If you follow these tips, you will no longer need an opening tube:

  • Be sure to use a strainer at the entrance to the kitchen and bathroom sink.
  • Tea grounds, butter, oil, eggshells, linoleum and pieces of plastic are the main causes of clogged kitchen pipes.
  • Toilet paper is one of the main causes of clogged toilets and clogged Iranian toilets.
  • Hair and pieces of soap are the main causes of clogged bathroom sewer pipes.
  • Avoid pouring hot oil and liquid into the tube.

Do not use pipe opener acid!

These acids that are sold open the clogged pipes due to grease and toilet paper. But it has two very negative effects that you should give to its rivals:

  • They leave a very bad odor that lasts for months.
  • They cause corrosion of the adhesive connecting the pipes, in which case it causes water leakage.
  • Causes corrosion of metal pipes.
  • Reduces the strength and fragility of polymer pipes.

We suggest that you call us (NUTech Plumbing) right now (at any time of the day or night) so that a professional pipe opener can be ready to serve you anywhere in Toronto within half an hour.

Mobile phone falling into the toilet

Mobile phones fall into the toilet a lot.

In the past, due to the small size of the phones, the mobile belt bag could be justified. And today, the size of phones has grown and is usually carried in the pocket of pants or jacket pockets.

However, if your phone falls into the toilet, follow these tips:

  • This phone must be removed in any way possible. It has nothing to do with your hands and kindness to forget it or not! Rather, the presence of a phone in the toilet siphon means the possibility of clogging the sewer pipes of the whole building.
  • So we are not talking about whether you will get this healthy phone or not. Of course, even if it comes out healthy, coping with the bad smell for a month is hard work.
  • Do not spill water at all once the phone falls into the toilet bowl.
  • Get disposable linoleum gloves, or kitchen gloves. Do not forget to put it in the freezer bag and throw it in the trash after use.
  • Empty your pockets; Especially your shirt pocket.
  • Get a slipper or plastic object to put under your knee so your knee is not damaged.
  • Gently insert your hand into the siphon. And as soon as you touch a hard object (it’s a little hard to imagine a soft object!), Take it out.

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