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5 natural ways to get rid of tiny toilet flies-Part 2

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5 natural ways to get rid of tiny toilet flies-Part 2

In the previous part of this article, we talked about tiny toilet flies and how to get rid of them. But we have not yet examined the solutions that you can use to completely destroy these creatures. So stay with us to check these methods together.

Natural solution to get rid of tiny toilet flies

The natural method is usually the best first option. Most of the supplies needed for these methods are things you already have in your home.

1- Dealing with the root of the source: organic matter

Like it or not, you have butterflies in your toilet because of organic matter in your body. It doesn’t seem interesting, but old pipes can be the root of this source.
If you get rid of the organic matter, you are removing the food source for the tiny sewer mosquitoes.

  • Push a metal pipe brush through the pipe. Remove as much material as you can from the pipe that is stuck to its wall.
  • Pour a bucket of boiling water into the pipes to wash the pipe completely.

Using a drain pipe brush is an excellent and effective way to get rid of tiny toilet flies because it destroys their food source.

2- How to kill mosquitoes in the toilet with vinegar

Vinegar has a million and one uses. Now you can add toilet bug killer to this list. Apple cider vinegar helps you in the best possible way to get rid of tiny mosquitoes inside the toilet without using dangerous chemicals.

  • Pour the vinegar into a glass. About ΒΌ cup is enough.
  • Cover the glass with plastic.
  • Make a hole in the plastic covering the glass of vinegar.
  • Place the trap near the drain pipe.

The tiny mosquitoes in the toilet are attracted to the vinegar and enter the glass through the hole and drown in the vinegar.

3- Vinegar, baking soda and boiling water

Vinegar, baking soda, and boiling water do more than repel toilet mosquitoes. This powerful solution can also unclog the toilet. (Pipe opener with baking soda)

Required materials:

  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1 cup of vinegar

First, pour baking soda into the tube and slowly add vinegar. The mixture should begin to foam and may come out of the tube.
Let 1 hour pass.
Then pour a bucket of boiling water in the pipe to wash it.
Vinegar and baking soda create a chemical compound that creates bubbles and foam. This combination destroys any larva and fly eggs in the toilet and cleans the sewer pipe.

4- Bleach solution method

If you don’t have white vinegar at home, try a stronger method.
The bleach solution method is simple:

  • Pour 1 part bleach solution and 10 parts water into a bucket.
  • Let the mixture sit for a few hours.
  • Rinse the tubes with cold water.

The only weakness of this method is that it does not clean the pipes like vinegar and baking soda. The use of this method can not only eliminate the sewage mosquitoes that were already in the pipe, but its frequent and regular use can clean the pipes and prevent contamination.

5- Using cleaning gel in the bathroom and toilet

If you have sewage mosquitoes at home, it can be due to the bathroom sewer pipe. Hair, shampoo, skin and soap can lead to the creation of sewage and the source of mosquito accumulation in sewage.

How to get rid of the fly in the toilet?

Sewer pipe cleaning gel

By using natural probiotics such as sewage cleaning gel, you can clean the sewer pipes from any larvae and eggs of tiny toilet mosquitoes.

If your problem isn’t fixed, you can call a company which is expert in the field of plumbing in Toronto.

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