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13 golden ways to prevent sewage wells from overflowing-Part 2

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13 golden ways to prevent sewage wells from overflowing-Part 2

If you were with us last week, you know that we talked about sewage overflow and the golden ways to prevent it. Today we want to explore some other methods together. Of course, you should know that if you can’t find the problem, you need to contact a company that specializes in plumbing in Toronto.

What is the reason for raising the sewage well?

Damaged pipes

Cracked, broken, or damaged sewer lines can show symptoms similar to those of clogged sewer pipes, causing water to back up in your sewer line and flood your yard or basement. This damage can be caused by the movement of the earth during an earthquake, weak soil or natural erosion or even being hit.

Blockage of the main pipeline of the building or house

As we said, the secondary pipes of your house are connected to a main pipe. Clogged main or common drains are not always caused by your home’s plumbing. Any resident of the building can be guilty of clogging the main pipe. Of course, it is not possible to say definitively which of the residents caused this problem.

The cause of rising toilet well, the cause of rising water in the kitchen well, the reason of rising bathroom sewage, etc. without you pouring water into the pipe, can be due to the blockage of the main pipe of the building.

Heavy rain

Sewer pipes can withstand a certain amount of rain and flooding, but before the volume of water increases and goes elsewhere. When this happens, excess water often finds its way into the home’s downspout through rainwater, which can cause the drain to clog and back up in the rain.

13 methods by which you can prevent sewage wells from overflowing

Everyone likes to keep their home in good condition. Clogging of sewer pipes is one of those problems that endangers this situation, and in case of any problem in the sewage piping of the house, everyone wants to solve it quickly with different ways and methods. Just follow these 13 smart tips to keep the sewer line open.

Preventing the sewage from rising up in the sink

  1. If you don’t have a trash can, avoid putting food waste down the drain. Use a colander in your kitchen sink to pour the garbage into it.
  2. Do not pour grease or oil down your sink drain. Instead, pour the oil into a container or plastic bag and then throw it in the trash. Otherwise, grease can stick to your pipes and clog your kitchen sink.
  3. Once a week, pour a kettle of hot water into your kitchen sink to melt away any oil or grease that may have accumulated in your pipes. Be sure to pour water slowly to avoid splashing.
  4. You can use diluted acids or baking soda and vinegar solution to help remove excess fat and substances to remove surface blockages.

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