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There are different methods of plumbing services in the cities of Canada like York, North York and Richmond Hill, and each of these methods is specific to certain blockages. It means that every blockage has its own method of opening the pipe and that special method should be used to solve the problem.

What is the cause of pipe blockage and the need of plumbing?


Clogging of sewer pipes occurs when garbage and extra objects get stuck inside the sewer pipe and get trapped in the siphon or bends of the pipe, and that part of the pipe gradually becomes the place of accumulation of waste materials. This causes the volume of garbage inside the pipe to increase and finally, a deposit of garbage remains in the pipe and causes the sewer pipe to clog. It is at this time that the person just notices the problem and realizes that the sewer pipe is blocked, so a plumbing company in Richmond Hill is needed to solve the problem of the pipe blockage.

Contact reputable pipe opening companies!


When the pipe is clogged, people try different methods to open it, but in many cases they do not succeed and give up without solving the problem. With sadness and concern, they find the numbers of plumbing and well draining companies in Toronto like NUTech Plumbing that have a cheaper price and call them.

If the plumbing company you contacted is not licensed, it doubles your problem. These pipe openers will temporarily solve your problem by charging a fee, and after a few days, the sewer pipe will open again. In case of fixing the pipe blockage professionally, you can contact authorized pipe opening companies that are reputable to solve your problem from the ground up.

How to identify the authorized pipe opening company


Plumbing services companies that are under the supervision of the union and solve the problem of your pipe blockage in a short time with professional and standard methods, cheap wages according to the pipe opening tariff are called authorized pipe opening companies. For pipe opening, just contact these companies to solve your problem.

Boiling water pipe opener


Boiling water is one of the various methods of opening pipes, which has many uses, and in this case, it can also be used for opening pipes. Because boiling water has the property of opening the pipe and can solve your problem.

For this purpose, it is enough to pour a jug of boiling water into the sewer pipe so that it becomes effective and removes the clogging of the pipe. This method is useful for removing simple blockages caused by oil, fat, hair, soap, etc.

You can use this method to unclog the sink and bathroom floor. Also, the clogs created in the toilet siphon, which is caused by the waste remaining inside it, can also be solved with boiling water. Because the boiling water softens the wastes and leads them into the well.

In this method, there is a problem that if your pipes are made of plastic, it does not show resistance against boiling water and it may get punctured, your problem will be doubled; Therefore, for the convenience of your work, you can contact the authorized plumbing companies to solve the problem of your pipe blockage without any trouble.

Using a hand pump to open the pipe


If boiling water does not work for you, you can use a well opener. A well opener or hand pump, which some call a hand pipe opener, is a simple yet useful device that solves many simple and everyday clogs. The drain opener is useful for unclogging toilets and floors. It can also be used to unclog the dishwasher.

Using a chemical solution to open the pipe


Using a chemical solution for unclogging pipes is one of the various methods of unclogging pipes. The use of this solution is useful for removing clogs in the sink. It is also useful to unclog the bathroom floor caused by hair, etc.

However, this pipe opener is not able to remove clogging of the toilet well and blockages made of stones, dirt, iron, razor blades, glass, etc. The procedure is that you pour some of this chemical solution into the sewer pipe and wait half an hour for it to work well. Then you turn on the water to wash away the blockages.

It should be noted that the use of these solutions is useful if the poured solution reaches the pipe and the clogged area and does not remain in the sink. If the sink is full of water, first try to remove the water inside them and then get help from the solution.

Also, when using an acidic solution, follow the safety tips of opening the pipe because the acidic properties of these solutions are harmful to human health. If your health is important to you, it is better to contact the pipe opening companies to solve your problem without any problems.



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